Put a Columbus and Central Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney With 35 Years of Experience to Work For You

Columbus, Ohio Criminal Defense Lawyer Dennis C. Belli has a proven track record of obtaining favorable results for his clients in felony, misdemeanor, and traffic violation (including OVI, DUI, and drunk driving charges) cases. He has 28+ years of experience defending clients in Ohio state and federal courts, and five years of prior experience as a county prosecutor. This rare combination of experience on both sides of the criminal justice system makes him uniquely qualified to evaluate the strengths, and more importantly, to ferret out the weaknesses, of the government's evidence against his clients.

The reality is this - the criminal justice system is not perfect, far from it! Every day, individuals find themselves wrongly accused or charged with serious offenses that are disproportionate to their actual conduct. If you find yourself in this unfortunate and difficult situation, do not make the mistake of fighting the charges alone. You should seriously question whether your rights will be adequately protected by an appointed attorney or public defender.

The bottom line - if you have been charged with a criminal offense in the court of common pleas, municipal court, juvenile court, or a federal district court in the State of Ohio, it is imperative that you obtain quality legal representation at the earliest opportunity. To learn more about Attorney Belli, visit his Aboutpage, or call him at (614) 300-2911.

The Law Offices of Dennis C. Belli Offers You the Following Advantages:

  • Personal Attention - Attorney Belli handles every aspect of his clients' cases personally, from start to finish. Your case will not be reassigned to an inexperienced attorney.
  • A Concrete Plan of Action - You and Mr. Belli will discuss and agree on an effective approach and a targeted strategy.
  • In Depth Knowledge of the Court System - All clients receive the benefit of Attorney Belli's many years of working with prosecutors, probation officers, law enforcement officers, court clerks, and other key personnel.
  • Thorough Preparation - Attorney Belli believes that intensive research and thorough investigation and preparation are the keys to success in court.
  • A Commitment to Excellence - The client expects and deserves defense counsel's best efforts. Attorney Belli always strives to exceed his clients' expectations.
  • Trial and Appellate Level Representation- Many attorneys do not have the expertise (or desire) to continue to represent the client in an appeal in the event one becomes necessary. Attorney Belli divides his professional time between trial and appellate representation. He is available to continue to represent the client through the appeals process by mutual agreement.
  • Prompt Return of Telephone Calls - You are entitled to have your questions and concerns answered promptly.
  • Complimentary Case Review - There is no fee for an open and frank assessment of your case.
  • Affordable Fees - Reasonable payments plans, credit cards accepted.

The Law Offices of Dennis C. Belli Provides Aggressive and Effective Legal Representation in the Following Categories of Criminal Cases:

  • Felony Cases in the Court of Common Pleas (We represent clients charged with a broad range of felonies under the Ohio Criminal Code, including drug charges, violent crimes, and theft offenses. Visit our Criminal Defense page for a full listing)
  • Misdemeanor Cases in the the Municipal and Mayor's Court (Attorney Belli is frequently in the municipal and mayor's courts in Ohio defending clients charged with drunk driving and traffic violations. Visit our OVI/Traffic Offense page for more information. He also handles the typical misdemeanor crimes prosecuted in the local courts, including domestic violence, assault, shoplifting, resisting arrest, criminal trespass, menacing, and disorderly conduct)
  • Federal Criminal Cases in the Northern and Southern Districts of Ohio
  • Juvenile Court Delinquency Cases
  • Criminal Appeals, Ohio and Federal
  • Judicial Release Motions
  • Post-Conviction Petitions
  • Federal Habeas Corpus Petitions
  • Expungement/Sealing of a Criminal Record
  • Probation Revocation Proceedings